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Christopher Lee by chricko
Christopher Lee
I grew up on old horror movies, especially the ones from UNIVERSAL and HAMMER.
When it came to UNIVERSAL my favorite actor was Boris Karloff who was and always will be the best portrayer of the Frankenstein Monster.
And when it came to HAMMER it was Christopher Lee who ( apart from Max Schreck...and Gary Oldman who wasn't too bad either ) was and ( to me ) will always be the #1 portrayer of Count Dracula.
Sorry all Lugosi fans but Lee was just way cooler.

Appart from Dracula he also played the Frankenstein monster, the Mummy, the Devil, Francisco Scaramanga and in later time Saruman from LOTR, Count Dooku from Star Wars and the Jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland.

Funny that a guy who made a living playing villains could become a hero to so many.

So it was a bummer when I heard that he had passed away. But hey he lived a pretty amazing life, didn't he?
I mean he was a soldier durin WW2, he played Dracula, met Tolkien and later played Saruman and played in metal bands that sang songs about Charlemange who just happened to be his ancestor. Judging from that it sounds pretty much that it wasn't a life waisted.

So goodnight Sir Chistopher Lee. Thank you for playing such a big role in my childhood.
You where an enormous inspiration for me and so many others and like Count Dracula you will for us who loved you forever be IMMORTAL!

And what better way to end this tribute than with a song from the man himself…

Translation: Birthday present to Honeykitten and this year i decided to make an zombiefication of her poneysona because its always fun to make gruesome parodies of cute characters.

Have a great day closer to death and remember to eat plenty of broccoli, its good for your BRRRRRRRRAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSS!!!!!
Man Ive should have written this earlier but I've been busy and ill.

As I wrote earlier I was at the Swedish Furry convention NordicFuzzcon that held over February 26 - March 1 in Nynäshamn.…

Here are some photos from it on my Facebook…

I didn't become world-famous but it still went great, I didn't make as much money as last year but I had way more fun this time.
The poster I made got a lot of attention which was a great because it took forever to make… and the people where awesome and there where so much alcoholic drinks that they frigging GAVE it to me for free so every day was like a party.
The only bad thing was that the journey to the convention took two hours and fifteen minutes and took as much time back home.
I didn't live at the hotel where the convention took place because it was so expensive.

This is how every morning looked like:
I wake up five o'clock in the morning, drink coffee so I can truly wake up, quick breakfast, brush my teeth, get dressed and I go to the station.
Luckily the train station is close where I live. 
The worst thing with the travel is that there is no toilets and no corner where I can go and the coffee that I need to get going really gets my bladder going so those two hours and fifteen minutes are pretty uncomfortable.

Thursday I didn't do so much drawing because the Dealers den haven't started yet.
I simply looked around at the hotel and met my friends and I got to see the new anthology fanzine Furluminati… that my latest comic THE FAMILY DINNER was in.
And as I said earlier they gave me free drinks so I got a bit tipsy.
Then the fire department came because someone had started the fire alarm. The firemen must have been surprised of what they saw.
Im talking of course about the fursuiters.
I waited to leave for the day until a friend of mine who had commissioned a con badge a few days earlier came so I could give it to him and he could pay me and then I was gonna home but before that a person saw the con badge and loved it so much that he wanted one to.
The company I had in the train was a bunch of drunken finnish people that I happen to meet.
When I was home I wanted to go to bed but couldn't because I had to make another con badge and I wasn't finished until midnight.

Friday the Dealers den started and i mostly just sat at my table, sold fanzines and took commissions and I sold the con badge to the commisioner and again someone saw the badge and wanted one to so I didn't go to bed until midnight that day either.

Saturday I did very much the same as Friday and again someone wanted a badge so that day was late as well.

Sunday there was no dealers den but only party party party.
I drank like there was no tomorrow and played SPY VS SPY with my friends.
I felt like Towelie from SOUTH PARK because I didn't know what was going on in the game because I was drunk beyond belief.
Then I talked about how Christian Weston Chandler fascinates me and how I think FREDDY GOT FINGERED is one of the most underrated movies ever made.

Then at closing time I said good by to everyone and dragged my alcoholic body to the train station.
It took awhile because it was dark I was drunk and kept loosing track on where I was.
But eventually I finally was at my beloved apartment and fell down on the bed happy that I didn't need to make any commissions that night.

Then the next day I catched a cold and was sick for almost a month.
Someone probably infected me there, FUCK!

Whell anyway I feel better now and have other thing to do.
So lets see what next convention I go to in my eternal struggle to become a world famous cartoonist will go.

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christian löfwall
I am an alternative artist.
If you ask me there is something fun to find in all styles and genres.

I take commissions and do everything from comics, runestones, tattoo designs and portraits.

I can also do collaborations and art trades but only with close friends.



As I said before I take commissions and I draw very much everything you want.

Payment will be made by PAYPAL only.


Single black+white character-30,78 USD

Single colored character-45,44 USD

Couples and groups black+white-74,76 USD

Coulpes and groups colored-89,42 USD

If you are interested or have other questions, then E-mail me on...

You can also visit my Furanffinity gallery…

And here is my Facebook page…

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